Why can t i lose weight

Why Can t I Lose Weight? We’ve Got The Answers!

Are You Wondering, “Why Can t I Lose Weight?” To begin with, the first thought that came into your mind upon seeing the title is that there is a spelling error in “Why can t I lose weight?” Believe me, there IS NOT! I just wanted to… Read more

Are You Wondering, “Why Can t I Lose Weight?”

To begin with, the first thought that came into your mind upon seeing the title is that there is a spelling error in “Why can t I lose weight?” Believe me, there IS NOT! I just wanted to demonstrate the paradigm shift here. When the t gets separated from the word can’t the only thing left is “CAN.” It is the “CAN DO” attitude that will lead to success with this thing called weight loss.

Why Can't I Lose Weight - Woman's Abs - why can t i lose weightIt is understandable that the primary question asked by those watching their weight is “Why can’t I lose weight?” This question comes after years of restricted diets, diligent and challenging strength and cardio training, adaptation of lifestyle with habits that contribute to healthy living, and you still can’t lose the desired weight.

If one of the following categories sounds familiar to you, it could be that you are closer to finding the answer to “Why can t I lose weight?” than you think.

Female – Why Can t I Lose Weight?

I realize that nature isn’t fair when it comes to female weight loss efforts. It seems that women gain weight with less effort than men, and men lose weight easier than women, but why? Scientists have discovered a number of reasons for this.

  •  Men have more muscle mass than women and women have more body fat. Remember, muscle burns calories at a higher rate than fat when you are resting, and the truth is that fat burns zero calories at rest. That means that men have a much higher rate of metabolism than women when they are resting.
  • Women store fat in their legs, hips and buttocks while men tend to store it in the midsection. It is easier for the body to use abdominal fat than from other areas of the body making it easier for men to burn fat overall.
  • Since men tend to be naturally bigger than women, they also burn more calories as well.
  • Testosterone is more abundant in men and that helps to maintain greater muscle mass and at the same time reduces the amount of fat in the body as well. with that in mind, it should come as no surprise that men and women are getting injections of testosterone to aid them in losing weight more quickly.


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Why Can t I Lose Weight?- High Metabolic Efficiency and Low Resting Metabolic Rate 

The rate at which your body metabolizes the food you eat is just one more factor that you cannot control in your quest to find out “Why can t I lose weight?” High metabolic efficiency means that your body burns fewer calories during activities, and low resting metabolic rate means that your body consumes less calories while you are resting. This all adds up to your body refusing to burn the required amount of calories for you to lose weight.

It is these differing metabolic rates that explain a weight gain of as much as 22 pounds.

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Why Can t I Lose Weight? – Trouble With “Diet”

When discussing “Why can t I lose weight?” you have to understand that diet is one of the most common controllable factors in the equation. Your diet can compromise the results you get from any weight loss plan in a number of ways.

  • A strict fasting diet where you watch what you eat during the week and fully indulge on the weekends over a long period of time causes the body to go into starvation mode which can sabotage any weight loss program. This approach causes your metabolism rate to decrease which means you burn fewer calories, and stop losing weight. Starvation mode looks something like this: You fail to provide your body with enough nutrients for a long time, and it senses that it may starve. The normal defense mechanism of the body begins to slow the metabolism drastically as it conserves energy to protect vital organs. It is not hard to understand what slow metabolism can do. It diminishes your capacity to lose weight and brings on the question, “Why can’t I lose weight?”
  • Intolerance to food leads to increased water retention which adds to body weight. The most common food intolerances are to eggs, soy products, corn, gluten, nuts and dairy.
  • You can blame diet products as well. Even though a product may carry the label as being “zero-fat” “zero-sugar” or “diet” that still doesn’t mean that it has to be good for you.

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Any time you try to answer the question “Why can t I lose weight?” you have to consider a number of other factors like not enough sleep, consuming too much fat in your diet during childhood, and not enough training – High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in particular.

The above factors are just a few of the things that can affect whether or not you are able to lose weight. However, there is no reason to get depressed – solutions are available.

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