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Butt Workout by Kimberly White – Are You Ready?

(but workout) Kimberly’s Butt Workout   Looking to tighten up your glutes, buns – your butt?  Whatever you want to call it – this butt workout will help you get there, provided you apply the effort and a little discipline. So stop making excuses.  Get off you “butt” and… well you get the picture. Kimberly […]

Crossfit Workouts - Woman Exercising

Crossfit Workouts

What are Crossfit workouts? These kinds of workouts are based on the Crossfit approach to physical fitness.  So, to understand these workouts, we need to understand what Crossfit is really all about. Perhaps you have heard of Crossfit, perhaps not.  If you are in the latter camp, then here’s a quick primer. Crossfit Workouts Provide […]

National Donut Day!

  Did You Know? It’s National Donut Day. Established by the Salvation Army as an outreach during the depression, it pays tribute to Salvation Army volunteers who prepared donuts for thousands of soldiers during World War One. So go ahead and enjoy. You can work it off later.    

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