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hcg diet plan

HCG Diet Drops Reviews – Is it Safe?

HCG Diet Drops Reviews There are numerous diet plans on the market these days, for anyone wishing to lose a little or a lot of weight. However, it is important to know that some of the fad diets on the market are unhealthy and ineffective at the same time. That means you have to be […]

how to lose fat - lady boxing

How to Lose Fat – Drop It Like It’s Hot!

So you want to know how to lose fat? Nearly, everyone has a few pounds that they want to lose in order to be in better shape. In fact, many of us have more than a “few” to lose. If you’ve looked in the mirror and noted that you could stand to lose a few […]

how to lose stomach fat

How to Lose Stomach Fat – Super Fast Workout

(how to lose stomach fat) Unique Lean-Body Workouts for Time-Crunched People:  Super-Fast “Multi-Workouts” to do at Home or the Office by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer Author – The Truth About Six Pack Abs Want to know how to lose stomach fat?  Well Keep Reading… Warning: this style of workout is WAY different than […]


How to Lose Stomach Fat – The Honest Truth Part 2

HOW TO LOSE STOMACH FAT – THE MYTH/LIE OF SPOT REDUCTION (PART 2) This is Part 2 of How to Lose Stomach Fat, if you haven’t already done so read How to Lose Stomach Fat Part 1 Now this one may be shocking to you and will probably require a paradigm shift in your thinking […]

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How to Lose Stomach Fat – The Honest Truth Part 1

HOW TO LOSE STOMACH FAT – NO BULL First of all, if you want to know how to lose stomach fat you need to know that it’s going to require some work – real work.  Let’s face it, if it were easy you probably would have achieved it already and would not be reading this.   […]

lose weight calculator - how to lose fat - woman holding scale

Lose Weight Calculator – How to Lose Fat

Lose Weight Calculator First you need to know how many calories to eat and how much to burn.  Use this convenient lose weight calculator.  Just fill in the information below.  As you begin to make progress – check back here every week or so to make the proper adjustments. Your age: Your gender: Male Female […]

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