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How to Lose Stomach Fat – The Honest Truth Part 1

HOW TO LOSE STOMACH FAT – NO BULL First of all, if you want to know how to lose stomach fat you need to know that it’s going to require some work – real work.  Let’s face it, if it were easy you probably would have achieved it already and would not be reading this.   […]

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How to Get a Toned Stomach – 3 Veggies Fight Ab Fat?

Want to know How to Get a Toned Stomach? A surprising way that a few specific vegetables can actually stimulate the burning of abdominal fat… article by Mike Geary, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist Author — The Truth about Six Pack Abs How to Get a Toned Stomach I bet you didn’t know that there […]

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Crossfit Workouts

What are Crossfit workouts? These kinds of workouts are based on the Crossfit approach to physical fitness.  So, to understand these workouts, we need to understand what Crossfit is really all about. Perhaps you have heard of Crossfit, perhaps not.  If you are in the latter camp, then here’s a quick primer. Crossfit Workouts Provide […]

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Why Can t I Lose Weight? We’ve Got The Answers!

Are You Wondering, “Why Can t I Lose Weight?” To begin with, the first thought that came into your mind upon seeing the title is that there is a spelling error in “Why can t I lose weight?” Believe me, there IS NOT! I just wanted to demonstrate the paradigm shift here. When the t […]

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How to Get Fit Fast – Ditch the Old-School Thinking

By line: By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS URL: Related keywords: ripped body, reformed meatheads, muscle building, fat loss It’s shocking that many fitness “experts” still preach old, ineffective methods for building muscle; especially considering these out-dated techniques can lead to injury, produce mediocre results, and take up too much time.  If you’re reading this […]

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Exercises for Flat Stomach – Do You Really Need Cardio?

Exercises for Flat Stomach – Are cardio workouts or weight training more effective for losing fat… by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer In this article – Exercises for Flat Stomach – Do You Really Need Cardio? – I have an intriguing discussion about cardio workouts, which will hopefully get you thinking differently, […]

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