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Beware the Pharisees

By Vincent Lee Alston The boxes… all made ready.  Assorted compartments neatly stacked.  Sharpies, in hand, scratch out suitable labels.  Knickknacks of prejudices… here – the trinkets of trivial idealisms… over there and a plethora of petty hatreds, often masquerading as God-sanctioned zeal, all in their place. The trenched are dug.  Weapons – locked and […]

Never Have a Plan “B” – EVER!

Don’t ever let anyone, including yourself; talk you into having a Plan “B”.  Okay, I can see the flickering light of torches through my window.  The mobs, en masse, shotguns and lynch rope in hand, ready to exact justice on my blasphemous soul. But whoa, just hold on a minute! I am not suggesting that […]

Never Compare Yourself to Anyone – EVER! – Strategies for Self Growth

You Are A Unique Design Never compare yourself to anyone else.  You and I are individuals.  We are uniquely designed to accomplish something – a purpose – if you will.   When you make comparisons, whether you’re elevating yourself above another or diminishing your own self-worth, you impede self growth and  do yourself a huge disservice.  […]

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