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How to Get Fit Fast – Can Fitness and Booze Co-exist

Can fitness and booze co-exist? Let’s talk about a real politically incorrect topic in the fitness world – booze. So many readers ask, “Can I still drink while on a fat loss program?” And well, the answer is yes, you can do anything you want on a fat loss program…you just have to accept the […]

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How to Get Fit Fast – Ditch the Old-School Thinking

By line: By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS URL: Related keywords: ripped body, reformed meatheads, muscle building, fat loss It’s shocking that many fitness “experts” still preach old, ineffective methods for building muscle; especially considering these out-dated techniques can lead to injury, produce mediocre results, and take up too much time.  If you’re reading this […]

How to Get Fit Fast – Resources

LEARN HOW TO GET FIT FAST WITH THESE POWERFUL RESOURCES Click Here To Lose The Body Fat Now For more information on the Diet Solution Program click here. How to Get Fit Fast – Top 5 Fat Loss Tips
 By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS Turbulence Training Men’s Fitness magazine recently asked me for 3 of […]

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Exercises for Flat Stomach – The Best Exercises Aren’t Really Exercises

(exercises for flat stomach) Craig Ballantyne, Men’s Health Training Advisor interviews Fat Burning Expert and Personal Trainer, Mike Geary CB: Mike, let’s start off with some background on the types of people you train, and your training background. MG:  Craig, I’ve been a Certified Personal Trainer for almost a decade now, and in recent years, […]

Exercises for Flat Stomach - 3 Best

Exercises for Flat Stomach – 3 of the Best

(exercises for flat stomach) Look at any late-night infomercial about weight loss and fitness and what do they all tend to focus on?  The abs… stomach… the proverbial, but elusive “Six Pack”.  Seems everyone desires a tight, sexy midsection.  They want to know which exercises for a flat stomach are best- what exercises for flat […]

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